Taxi Sam in Gambia

Taxi Sam in Gambia


Below is short listed some general information about the beautiful
country Gambia!

- Area: 11,300 km2;
- Population: 1.4 million;
- Capital: Banjul (about 55,000 inhabitants);
- Language: The national languages are Madinka, Wollof and Fula,
the official language is English;
- Population: 98% are Africans, of which 40% Madinka, 20% Fula,
15% Wollof, 10% Jola, 10% Serahuli;
- Time: summer time is 2 hours earlier, winter time is 1 hour earlier.

Gambia is a tropical country, so throughout the year it is warm.
The dry and hot season runs from November to late May, the "wet"
season runs from June to October. Light cotton clothing is best. The
average annual temperature is 27 degrees in Banjul. In the rainy season
there is sometimes heavy rainfall, usually at night and only very briefly.

The Gambian currency is the Gambian Dalasi. The Gambian Dalasi is divided
into 100 Bututs, there are (limited) coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Bututs
and there is a coin of 1 Gambian Dalasi. There are banknotes of 5, 10, 25
and 50 and 100 Gambian Dalasi.

In the traditional cuisine of Gambia dishes are always made with the main
products of Gambia: peanuts, rice, couscous, chicken and fish. The
traditional food is prepared on an open fire. Well-known dishes are:
- Wolof rice: rice or couscous, which is prepared in the way of the
Wolof, with fresh vegetables, various meats and tomatoes;
- Domada: peanut puree with rice or couscous and all types of meat.
As a starter belongs to this meal tio-gio, a peanut soup.

Gambia is worth visiting!